KAIST has been worldly recognized not only for its outstanding educational infrastructure but also excellence in their quality of education. Based on such firm foundation, KAIST has been researching and practicing its finest education for gifted students.?

The KAIST Global Institute for Talented Education is not only an excellent educational body, but also is a highly respected research institute.
We currently have five full-time researchers and twenty instructor/assistant researchers who, without any doubt, are the most devoted personnel in finding and exploring the new ideas and methods in educating gifted students.

We are very proud to introduce KAIST GC2 as the main source of knowledge in all academic areas for the gifted students. KAIST GC2 has been delivering and sharing all of our research results to the gifted students in middle and high schools all over the country.
Nevertheless, KAIST GC2 has been the most crucial part of communication medium between the educators and the gifted students.

To us, "Giftedness" means "potential". And we try our best to find such potential
in every student in our institution. We have been entrusted by parents and educators
and have been responsible for so many young talented leaders.
Our job is how to harmonize "inquisitiveness", knowledge", science technology" together with our students in order to compose a grand symphony called "futures".

KAIST GC2 will make your dreams come ture.